Vandal who smashed up Metro lift caused £12,000 damage

Gavin Marrs
Gavin Marrs
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THIS lout caused more than £12,000 of damage when he drunkenly smashed up a Metro station lift.

Gavin Marrs and a pal wrecked the glasswork in the lift area of St Peter’s, in Sunderland.

The 24-year-old, who can barely remember what he did because of the amount he had had to drink, then went on to smash two large windows on a Metro train he got on.

Marrs, of Westbury Street, Millfield, admitted causing criminal damage and could have faced a maximum sentence of 10 years behind bars.

Judge Guy Whitburn said anyone behaving in such a way towards public property should be taught a lesson and be made an example of with a prison sentence.

But the Judge suspended Marrs’s nine month prison sentence for two years, after hearing he spent two months in custody for something else earlier this year and has therefore had a taste of what it is like.

Judge Whitburn said: “The general public are absolutely sick and tired of vandalism. It is extremely expensive and the public pay for it.

“I think a lesson needs to be taught to young men who commit drunken vandalism which costs the country a fortune.

“It is a blight on this country, it is a source of considerable annoyance to lawful passengers on the Metro or other forms of transport, lifts are damaged and out of order because people go around smashing them up.”

Prosecutor Michael Bunch told the court Marrs was caught on CCTV at the Metro station with another man, who has not been caught.

He then jumped on the track and picked up an object.

Mr Bunch said: “They made their way towards the lift.

“They summoned the lift and the item was used to cause extensive damage to the glasswork in the area of the lift.”

The court heard Marrs has already been given a community order by magistrates for the damage caused to two saloon windows inside the train carriage the pair had got on.

He was also fined for trespassing on the track.

Jamie Adams, defending, said drink was at the core of Marrs’ offending and he was taking steps to deal with it.