Unlike – Sunderland bigamist caught out when first wife spotted wedding pictures on Facebook

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A WIFE found out her husband had married another woman – when she spotted his wedding photographs on Facebook.

Bigamist Thomas Lee Hornsby originally got hitched in November 2010, but the pair separated just months later in February 2011, after he started an affair with Joanne Louise Henderson, Sunderland magistrates were told.

Hornsby, 37, started divorce proceedings last year with his first wife, but it was never formalised.

Hornsby and Ms Henderson got married in a ceremony on April 4 this year.

Sunderland Magistrates’ Court heard that Hornsby, of Florida Street, Pallion, had lied to a city registrar when planning his new nuptuals. Prosecutor Rebecca Laverick told JPs: “A registrar at Sunderland Civic Centre said that she had had a meeting with the defendant and his new wife prior to the wedding ceremony.

“She said that they met on February 26 and went through the formalities.

“She questioned him about whether or not he had been previously married and he said no.”

A decree nisi was put in place in May 2012, but was not made absolute.

On seeing the photographs of him with his new bride, Hornsby’s first wife contacted police.

She then provided a statement saying she was “shocked and embarrassed” when found out about the deception.

Hornsby admitted in interview he had gone ahead with the ceremony knowing he was still married and pleaded guilty to the charge of bigamy at an earlier hearing.

Gavin Sword, defending, said: “There was no financial gain in this case and no immigration issues.

“I don’t think it (the wedding) can have come as any great surprise. They had been in a relationship for at least a year at this point.

“Whilst there was a deception to the registrar, I don’t think there was to either of the two ladies in this case.”

Hornsby’s marriage to Ms Henderson is void now that the deception has been uncovered.

Magistrates sentenced him to eight weeks in prison, suspended for six months.

Summing up, chairman of the bench Eric Reay told Hornsby, who has bipolar disorder: “The reason for this is the deliberate deception you put about in the lead up to your second marriage.

“You deceived the registrar, you deceived your first wife and your new wife.

“This was deliberate.

“You did not pursue that the decree nisi had gone fair enough.”