Uncle slapped teenage nephew in row over missing £200

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AN angry uncle slapped his nephew in a family row over missing money.

Gary Dryden, from Sunderland, assaulted the 18-year-old, who lives with Dryden’s mother, after tempers flared when £200 disappeared from her bank account.

Sunderland Magistrates’ Court heard the victim claimed Dryden had forced his way in, after he locked himself and his pregnant girlfriend in his bedroom in fear.

He alleged the 28-year-old then grabbed him by the throat and attacked him so violently that the bedroom door came off its hinges and fell on his grandmother, who was trying to intervene.

He then smashed a window as he was leaving the property, which is owned by Gentoo.

Glenda Beck, prosecuting, said the 18-year-old denied taking the cash.

She read out a statement from him, which said: “This is an absolute lie. I had nothing to do with it whatsoever.

“I have my own opinion as to who it was.”

Dryden’s mother did not want the police involved in the alleged theft.

Her son pleaded guilty to assaulting his nephew and criminal damage of a window on Friday, July 12.

Defence solicitor Tom Morgan said the money went missing after Dryden, from Downhill, was the victim of a serious assault.

A taxi was called to take him to hospital and his nephew took his grandmother’s bank card to draw out money to pay for it.

But Mr Morgan said the teenager disappeared and £200 was taken from the account, leaving the pensioner with just £7.50 to live on for two weeks.

He said: “The defendant was discharged from hospital and went to his mother’s house and effectively lost his temper.

“He went into his nephew’s bedroom. There was no struggle, contrary to what the injured party said.”

Mr Morgan added that Dryden denied punching the teenager, but admitted slapping him “once or twice”.

“He accepts he lost his temper and should not have done so, but feels his mother is an elderly lady who should be looked after,” he said.

“He was concerned that she had been left without any finances for the rest of the fortnight.”

He added that Dryden, of Kidsgrove Square, had also not intended to smash the window.

Magistrates ordered Dryden complete a 12-month conditional discharge, pay £50 compensation to Gentoo and a £15 victim surcharge.