Two dealt with after bogus robbery report in Washington

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TWO people have been dealt with after a woman lied about being robbed.

Police received a report last week that a woman had been robbed after she had been to a cashpoint in Heworth Road, Usworth.

She claimed she was walking behind the shops in the street when it happened.

During their investigation, detectives trawled through CCTV footage, interviewed witnesses and discovered the robbery did not take place.

Two people were arrested for wasting police time. A 33-year-old man was given a fixed penalty notice and a 23-year-old woman was cautioned.

Acting Neighbourhood Inspector Lee Butler said: “Our commitment to fully investigating crime means we will uncover any discrepancies and uncover if it is a false report.

“False claims mean vital resources that can be used elsewhere are being wasted on something that didn’t happen.”