Transgender woman vomited in shopkeeper’s doorway after she was ‘abused’ by his customers

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A TRANSGENDER woman harassed a shopkeeper after claiming she was being abused by his customers.

Danielle Clover Lamb kicked a sign and vomited outside the newsagents in Hendon three times, a court heard.

But her solicitor said Lamb had been subjected to abuse by customers of the store.

Lamb, 31, from Hendon, pleaded guilty on a basis to harassing the man over a four-day period from March 19.

She was due to stand trial, but admitted she ought to have known her behaviour would have led to the shopkeeper feeling harassed.

Stan Sudworth, prosecuting, said there was “considerable history” between the two, who had known each other for a number of years.

Lamb, who lives in nearby Azalea Terrace South, received a caution after an early confrontation at the shop.

Mr Sudworth added: “Clearly, there is a lot more that can be said about the matter, but perhaps least said, soonest mended.”

Laura Croft, defending Lamb, said the pair first clashed after Lamb complained about the price of cigarettes sold at the shop.

She said: “She accepts she swore and he asked her to leave. She went back to the shop to try and make amends and there was another argument.

“She got quite upset about that, as she felt she was reaching an olive branch out.

“The police were called on that occasion and that is when she accepted a caution. Since then she has felt very nervous and worried since walking past the shop.

“She does suffer from quite an extreme level of anxiety and panic attacks.

“Walking past the shop to and from town, she has become so anxious it has made her ill.

“She accepts with hindsight that she should not have vomited in the shop doorway.

“Her background is that she is from a transgender community and that is what led to her anxiety as well.

“You can see she is quite a distinctive-looking lady and does suffer abuse on a day-to-day basis, some of it from customers coming out of the shop. She feels that he encourages that, although there is no evidence before the court.”

Chairman of the bench Joy Atkinson imposed a six-month restraining order, banning Lamb from entering an area marked out on a map and from contacting the shop owner.

She must also pay £85 towards court costs and a £15 victim surcharge.