Topless pensioner threatens to cut off neighbours head with Samurai sword

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A SHIRTLESS pensioner waved a Samurai sword around in the street and threatened to cut off his neighbour’s head after a row about cats.

Robert Pryce argued with neighbour Craig Masters about Pryce’s cats getting into his garden.

The dispute soon boiled over and a furious Pryce retreated to his house in Warkworth Close, Washington, before storming back out brandishing a Samurai sword.

Stunned families and children watched on in horror as the 64-year-old began waving the weapon around and threatening to kill his neighbour.

Newcastle Crown Court heard that Pryce was shirtless and wearing no shoes as he stood in the street during the incident on August 14.

Prosecutor Michael Bunch said: “The defendant’s cats had been getting into their garden and they were concerned about her husband’s rabbits.

“The defendant came running from the house brandishing a Samurai sword and shouting ‘I will cut off your head’.

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“Some of the neighbours called for the police.

“The defendant went into his address still waving the sword around.

“The police entered and recovered from the address the samurai sword.

“He continued to make threats.”

Pryce, who has been living in Blackpool for the past three months as part of his bail conditions, pleaded guilty to affray and having an offensive weapon.

Mitigating, Robert Adams, said he had acted in the heat of the moment and deeply regretted his actions.

Mr Adams added: “It was a moment of madness.

“He wasn’t intending to carry out his threats.

“He is not a would-be samurai warrior, you just have to look at him.”

Pryce, originally from Scotland, was handed an eight month jail sentence, suspended for 12 months, along with 12 months probation service supervision.

However, he was allowed to return to his home in Warkworth Close.

Passing sentence, Recorder Dean Kershaw said: “You are 64 years of age, coming to a court at a time you should be looking forward ending your days peacefully with no trouble.

“You were threatening to chop people’s heads off when children were present.

“You went into the street waving that sword.

“This is an offence that exceeds the custody threshold.”

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