Thug jailed for ‘ferocious and merciless attack’ on an innocent man

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A THUG left an innocent man in need of lifesaving surgery after carrying out a “ferocious and merciless” assault.

Daniel Pulling has been jailed for four years after delivering 36 blows to the head and body of victim Daniel Surtees.

Pulling, 24, was captured on CCTV punching, kicking and kneeing Mr Surtees as he lapsed in and out of consciousness.

The victim suffered two punctured lungs, a ruptured spleen, rib fractures as well as a broken nose and eye socket.

During the savage beating Pulling, stamped on Mr Surtees 18 times, kneed him in the head and chest 10 times, kicked him four times and punched him four times.

The shocking and gruesome incident was captured in its entirety on CCTV at Alexandra Court flats, Chester Oval, in Sunderland where it happened.

Pulling flipped when he arrived at the flats, where he lived with his mother, and found her lying in a pool of blood.

It remains unclear how exactly his mother cut her head and became unconscious but Pulling wrongly believed Mr Surtees, a good friend of his mum, had something to do with it.

So, the innocent 31-year-old, who was oblivious to their being a problem, went to the property when summoned by Pulling.

And after being inside for less than two minutes, CCTV shows Mr Surtees was already under attack.

Prosecutor Stuart Michie said: “Within one minute and 39 seconds he is being dragged out of the flat and thrown down a flight of stairs from the second floor to the first floor.”

Mr Surtees can be seen lapsing in and out of consciousness during the six minute assault, but Pulling continues attacking.

After being taken to hospital Mr Surtees underwent emergency surgery to remove his spleen.

Mr Michie said: “The surgeon performed it as a lifesaving procedure, if not carried out the patient would ultimately have died.”

Mr Surtees will be on antibiotics for the rest of his life due to the removal of his spleen.

Pulling admitted causing grievous bodily harm with intent at Newcastle Crown Court.

Judge Richard Lowden jailed him for four years.

The judge said: “ It was a ferocious and merciless attack with your fists, with your feet and with your knees.

“Your feet were bare but it was a repeated, protracted attack, there were several heavy blows and very grave injuries were caused.”

Bob Spragg, defending, said Pulling was in a fragile emotional state after losing his girlfriend and a close friend, as well as his mother surviving a battle with cancer.

Mr Spragg said Pulling saw blood in the bathroom and bedroom where he found his mother unconscious when he went into the flat after an afternoon drinking.

Mr Spragg said: “When he saw the state she was in he was terrified she was dead.”