'Throw the book at them' - Echo readers slam 'sick' killing of baby swan in Sunderland park

Families have called for CCTV cameras to be installed at Herrington Country Park following the death of a baby swan.

Thursday, 27th June 2019, 8:21 am
The body of a six-week old cygnet was found in Herrington Country Park.

They believe the young bird was struck and by a car due to tyre marks at the scene, prompting a police investigation.

The ‘truly appalling’ act has shocked the city, with many making calls for additional security, including a park keeper, patrols and CCTV cameras.

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The young animal was found in the park at the weekend.

Here’s how you reacted on the Sunderland Echo Facebook page:

Susan Ophield: “Totally heartbreaking that is, they are so beautiful. A park keeper is needed to protect the wildlife.”

Elaine Farrell-Mcknight: “There are some sick sad people about, poor little thing, hope they are found and get what they deserve.”

Jeanette Mackintosh Reilly: “Good heavens we have a serious issue with anger & cruelty in this country.”

Sue Hughes: “Some people have no morals at all and the best they can do is hurt innocent animals, need putting cameras up to protect them. RIP little one.”

Jo Moore: “What kind of person would do this?”

Pauline Hughes: “CCTV cameras would be a worthwhile investment ,of course that would come at a cost?”

Dionne Nesbitt: “Think should raise money and get cameras up so they can make sure the birds are safe.”

Mary Donoghue: “Who in their right mind would do this. God knows what they will do next.”

Lynne Mayer: “Swans are protected by the Queen in the UK … throw the book at them!”