This woman glassed and stabbed her own sister in a row over meeting-up

Julia Conroy, aged 43, of East Grange, Fulwell, Sunderland who pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding her own sister.
Julia Conroy, aged 43, of East Grange, Fulwell, Sunderland who pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding her own sister.
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A WOMAN needed 50 stitches in her face after a horrifying glass and knife attack by her own sister.

Julia Conroy, 43, slashed Evelyn Humphrey’s arms and body with a knife then plunged a broken wine glass into her face.

Ms Humphrey needed months of treatment for her injuries, including plastic surgery.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the

Wearside sisters had been “extremely close” before violence flared in March last year, and had described themselves as being “the best of friends”.

Prosecutor Kevin Wardlaw told the court there had been a misunderstanding over meeting arrangements earlier in the day, but it is unclear exactly what prompted the violence when the pair were drinking at Miss Humphrey’s home.

He said: “For whatever reason an argument developed between the two sisters.

“The argument escalated and became violent, with the defendant slapping the complainant across the face with what was believed to be part of a mobile telephone handset. The argument escalated further.

“Both began wrestling with each other, scuffling and pulling each others hair.”

The court heard the fight ended up in the kitchen, with the sisters ending up in a bear hug.

Mr Wardlaw added: “The defendant reached around and got a knife, either from the sink area or a drawer, the complainant could not say which, and began slashing the complainant. This escalated further.

“At one point the defendant was seen to pick up a glass and break it then jab the glass into the face of her sister.

“There was many injuries. A total of 50 stitches were inserted into the complainant’s face.

“Treatment is ongoing, plastic surgery will be required for some time to enable to injuries to hopefully heal.”

Conroy told police during interview she had struck her sister’s face only once with the broken glass.

But Mr Wardlaw told the court: “The medical expert said the extent of the injuries to her face are unusual for a single attack with a broken glass, and much more likely it was thrust repeatedly into Evelyn Humphrey’s face.

“She had superficial injuries to her arms and body.”

The court heard Conroy has written a letter of apology to her sister, which the police have been unable to pass on due to her bail conditions.

Judge Roger Thorn adjourned the case for a fortnight for an updated victim impact statement to be taken.

The judge said the attack was a “ghastly incident.”

Conroy, of East Grange, Sunderland, who admitted unlawful wounding, was granted bail in the meantime.

Judge Thorn warned her: “All options must remain open, including a lengthy prison sentence.

“Whatever the sentence, you will remain sisters and you have family that links and overlaps.

“To your family and friends this must all be devastating.”

Robin Patton, defending, said the letter of apology written by Conroy, who was also injured in the fight, was “heartfelt.”