This man stole his friend’s credit card and blew £200 on online gambling in just 20 minutes

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FRAUDSTER Anthony Mawdsley blew £200 in 20 minutes on online gambling after stealing a friend’s bank card.

The 19-year-old, who is already serving a suspended sentence, used the woman’s debit card after she left it at his house following a party.

He topped up his own mobile and made four bets in less than half-an-hour, losing all the cash.

Mawdsley pleaded guilty to an offence under the Fraud Act when he appeared at Sunderland Magistrates’ Court.

John McGlone, prosecuting, said the victim was at Mawdsley’s home in Seven Acres on October 12.

She reported the fraudulent transactions to her bank Nat West, and police were involved.

Mr McGlone added: “As a result of that, police made inquiries and came to the defendant.

“He admitted the card had been left at his home address and he had found it, and used it on a number of occasions.

“The lady has been reimbursed by her bank, but the bank themselves are looking for compensation.”

The court heard that Mawdsley, from Great Lumley, County Durham, has seven previous convictions from 11 offences, one of which was for theft.

He was made subject to a 12-week suspended prison sentence on March 18 for two offences of criminal damage and a community order with 160 hours of unpaid work on April 18. Iain Jordan, defending, said that once Mawdsley had sobered up, he contacted police himself to admit using the card.

He added: “He made some admissions to the police at this home address. The transactions were on a mobile phone gambling applications.

“The woman has left this social gathering, where all parties had consumed alcohol, leaving behind her bag and mobile phone.

“The defendant has topped his own mobile phone up with £20 and spent three transactions of £30 and one of £20 on mobile telephone gambling.

“That money was spent in 20 minutes. He thought he could make money, but that was a foolish decision in drink, as the house always wins.”

Magistrates deferred sentencing for three months.