Thieves target vehicles in Washington

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DRIVERS are today warned to look out for thieves operating in Washington.

The alert comes after a rise in thefts from vehicles there over the past few weeks.

Incidents have happened overnight with windows smashed or locks forced. Items stolen include radios, sat navs and golfing equipment.

Neighbourhood Inspector Paul Stewart said: “Thefts like these are often opportunistic, and can so easily be prevented if goods are removed from display.

“This isn’t restricted to expensive sat navs and stereos, even a small amount of loose change can be enough to tempt a passing thief.

“People should always lock their vehicles.

“However, thieves can quickly force their way in to grab anything small, portable and valuable which has been left behind. Owners then have the problem of repairing the car and replacing the items.

“We will be patrolling the area, but we need people to follow simple advice – don’t leave anything on display.

“If you have a sat nav, remove the windscreen sucker and wipe away any tell-tale signs. And remember, if a thief does get into your car, the glove compartment is the first place they’ll look.”