Thieves steal rare breed chicks and coops from community farm, says charity

Bill Quay Farm
Bill Quay Farm

A charity has been left devastated after it says thieves broke in and stole chicks complete with their coops in two separate raids.

Bill Quay Farm near Pelaw says thieves hit the community project on Monday and Tuesday, cutting a lock and breaking a fence to steal two "Omlet Eglu" coops with young chicks.

The cream legbar and scots grey chicks, which are both rare breed chickens, were incubated and hatched as part of a special programme with schools in South Tyneside.

In a statement on their Facebook page, the farm team said: "As a community Farm it hurts us to know that not everyone will be able to share in the delight of our young chickens and watch them grow, and we hope nothing of this nature happens again."

"We are very sad to have lost our chicks, and the Omlets we needed to house the next lot of incubated chicks that are due to go outside soon.

"We are hoping that whoever took our animals and will find it within themselves to return our Omlets and chicks as we simply cannot afford to replace them, and the chicks will be sorely missed from our little flock."

This charity said the first raid happened on Monday, when thieves entered the farm, cut the lock on the gate to the chicken paddock, and took an Omlet Eglu and the young chicks which were in it.

It said a second raid took place on Tuesday when thieves broke a fence on the same paddock and took the two Omlets and the chicks that were in them.

Bill Quay farm said: "We have informed Northumbria police and if anyone has any information they can also anonymously pass it on to them."