Thief jailed after stealing from mum and sister due to ‘drink and drugs’ lifestyle

JAILED: Grant Leadbitter
JAILED: Grant Leadbitter
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A MAN who stole from his sister and mother has been jailed for 14 months.

Grant Leadbitter broke into his sister’s locked bedroom to steal cash, Durham Crown Court heard.

Prosecutor Claire Anderson said Leadbitter was still unlawfully at large when he returned to the house in Silksworth months later to steal his mother’s purse.

“At the time of the first offence, Leadbitter’s mother and sister were away in London,” Ms Anderson added.

“Leadbitter was living in the house at the time.

“He smashed the padlock on his sister’s room and stole £90 from her savings tin.”

The court heard Leadbitter was arrested and charged, but he failed to turn up for a court hearing in September.

“His mother saw him in the back yard of the house in the afternoon of October 13,” said Ms Anderson.

“She let him in, and he told her he needed money for a Travelodge.

“She refused to give him money, but her purse was in her dressing gown pocket and he grabbed it.

“He fled with it and its contents, which included £36 cash and bank cards.

“As he left, Leadbitter told his mother he was sorry and that he loved her.”

Leadbitter, 21, now of no fixed abode, admitted burglary at Londonderry Street, Silksworth, on July 12, theft at the same address on October 13, and breach of bail.

Graeme Cook, defending, said: “Mr Leadbitter’s problem is drink, legal highs, and low-level drug abuse.

“He realises he must alter his lifestyle.

“Drugs are readily available in Durham Prison, but Mr Leadbitter has abstained while inside on remand.”

Judge Robert Adams sentenced Leadbitter to 14 months in prison,

The judge told him: “You recognise the need to change the way you live your life.

“Community orders have been tried and failed in the past.

“Custody is the only option left.”

Leadbitter was made the subject of an exclusion order banning him from Londonderry Street, Silksworth, for two years.