The smart way for Sunderland victims to track down criminals

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SUNDERLAND shoppers are being advised to make the most of their smart phones to ensure their property is secure.

Many Wearsiders now have phones that can download applications to trace or track the owner’s handset via GPS – meaning if it’s lost or stolen it can be traced.

An example is the free “Find My iPhone” app from Apple, a GPS tracking system which can trace a mobile phone if it’s lost or stolen.

The advice follows an incident where a mobile phone was recovered by using a tracking system.

It happened at about 1.30am on Friday, September 16, when a woman had her mobile stolen from a takeaway.

She used the tracking application which she had downloaded to trace her mobile.

She then contacted police who attended and arrested a 31-year-old man. He was later cautioned for the theft.

Temporary Neighbourhood Inspector Dave Balmer said: “Modern technology means many phones have GPS tracking systems and there are applications available that can make the most of this.

“By utlising the built-in mechanisms it can help us trace the phone, and in some cases, the offender.”