The gangster who found God – how Jesus helped mob member turn his back on crime

Jimmy Collings, chairman of the East Durham Christian Union.
Jimmy Collings, chairman of the East Durham Christian Union.
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A former gangster will tell audiences in East Durham about how Jesus helped him turn his life around.

Dave Falcus, an ex-gang member from Newcastle, will be talking to people about how they can turn away from crime, violence, drugs and alcohol with the help of Christ.

Our aim is to support people and help them get their lives back on track.

Jimmy Collings

The event is being organised by the East Durham Christian Unity, EDCU, which is working to support alcoholics and drug addicts in the area.

Jimmy Collings, chairman of the EDCU, said he has met Dave before and the talks, held on two evenings, will make for extremely interesting listening for all those attending.

He said: “We would particularly like to see anyone who has a problem with alcohol or drugs to come along and listen to how Dave has changed his life, and how they can do the same.

“We are very welcoming, we are not at all about judging people, who are we to judge? We are there to help people.”

Jimmy said the event is not just for Christians, anyone who is interested can go along.

The EDCU, which is made up of representatives from churches and Christian groups throughout Murton and Seaham, including Church of England, Catholic, Methodist, Salvation Army and others, hosts events to educate people and also supports people in need into a rehabilitation unit in Hartlepool.

Jimmy said: “The North East has the worst problem of alcohol addiction and we felt it was time the church was doing something to help.

“Our aim is to support people and help them get their lives back on track, that’s what we are there for.”

Dave Falcus will be speaking about his journey from gangland to God at the Glebe Centre, in Murton, on the evenings of Monday and Tuesday, June 15 and 16.

There will be prayer and worship at 7pm before the talks begin at 7.30pm.

Dave’s life was devastated when at the age of five his adoptive mother and three grandparents all died within the space of a few months.

He began drinking, smoking and stealing at the age of seven and by the time he was 13 he ended up in care, followed by prison and a life of crime, including being a gangster.

However, he says a visit from Jesus changed everything.

The EDCU holds its meetings at Holy Trinity Church in Murton. New members are being sought and all will be made welcome.