Ten-year-old Sunderland boy hurt during street attack on his mother

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A TEN-YEAR-OLD boy was hit in the face while trying to protect his mum who was being attacked by another woman in the street.

Lucy Snowdon, aka Harrison, pounced on her female victim during a shopping trip in Sunderland in May.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the woman’s two terrified children, a boy and a girl, witnessed the terrifying assault, during which she was punched and kicked after being pulled to the ground, and pleaded that their mother be left alone.

When the boy made a brave attempt to help his mother he got struck in the face and sent flying to the ground, leaving him shaken and shocked.

Prosecutor Tony Hawks told the court: “The boy, who was trying to protect his mother, got hit across the face in the melee.

“We do not say there was a deliberate punch to the boy, but the defendant was lashing out in a reckless fashion.”

The court heard the youngster had no visible injuries.

His mum suffered bruising, grazing and hair loss in the assault and is now undergoing counselling and considering leaving the area she lives in because of what happened.

Snowdon, 19, of Plains Road, Plains Farm, Sunderland, admitted assault in relation to the mum and common assault in relation to the boy.

The court heard Snowdon was under “considerable emotional pressure” at the time of the incident because both her mum and grandmother were ill.

There was a history of animosity between Snowdon and her family and the victim.

Judge Paul Sloan sentenced her to a community order for 12 months with supervision, 150 hours’ unpaid work and £250 costs.

The judge said: “You approached her from behind, grabbing her by the hair and she went to the ground.

“You proceeded to punch and kick her as she lay on the ground and all of that was witnessed by her two young children.

“They were shouting at you to leave their mother alone and there were clearly upset and distressed as a result of what was happening.

“When the boy came to his mother’s assistance he was struck in the face, causing him to fall to the ground.”

Judge Sloan said he accepted Snowdon was genuinely remorseful for her behaviour that day.

David Callan, defending, said Snowdown has given up alcohol and no longer hangs around with the same crowd.

Mr Callan said: “This lady is thoroughly ashamed of what happened.

“The assault took place in front of two children and recklessly, not intentionally, the boy was assaulted.

“There is some good in this young lady.”

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