Teenager tells of agony after brutal attack by ex-boxer outside Sunderland bar

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ATTACK victim Marc Butler today described how his jaw was shattered during a brutal beating outside a Sunderland nightspot.

The 21-year-old off-shore worker was left needing major surgery to his face after Graham Nelson launched the assault.

graham nelson from northumbria police

graham nelson from northumbria police

Marc had to have a wisdom tooth pulled out and a metal plate inserted in his chin and at the side of his jaw and another to keep them in place.

Marc, of Hall Farm, Sunderland, said: “He just ran up behind me and started hitting me in the side of my face, breaking the left side of my jaw and chin.”

Along with pals, Marc had been enjoying Christmas Eve out at the Little Cuba bar in the city centre when he got into an argument in the toilets of the Vine Place venue.

Shortly afterwards, Marc stepped outside for a cigarette but was followed by Nelson and his pals. Ex-boxer Nelson then ran up and began repeatedly hitting him in the face.

Label shot of Little Cuba - Vine Place, Sunderland...

Label shot of Little Cuba - Vine Place, Sunderland...

CCTV showed the severity of Nelson’s attack.

Marc was taken to Sunderland Royal Hospital, where he underwent an emergency operation on his injuries and was forced to spend Christmas Day in hospital.

For six weeks, Marc was left in agony as he recovered from his injuries, unable to eat or work.

He said: “It was horrible spending Christmas Day in hospital and I was in agony for weeks, it was awful.

“I was a bit down for the first few weeks, but I’ve had to bring myself round and I’ll definitely be more careful when I go out next time.”

Last week, former boxer Graham Nelson, 31, of High Street East, was jailed for 12 months after admitting causing grievous bodily harm and having a bladed article in relation to a razor he was carrying, which he claimed was to cut cocaine.

Marc’s dad Keith said: “He was lucky in the sense that the lad was carrying a blade with him.

“If the police hadn’t got there when they did it could have been a lot worse if he’d used that.”

Marc added: “He claimed I’d started because he had a south Durham accent.

“But that’s not true, I didn’t do anything.”

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