Teenager raped by strangers after being taken to party as 'bait' to attract drug dealer's customers, court told


A teenager was raped by two strangers after being taken to a party as "bait" to attract a drug dealer's customers, a court heard.

Milagros Sanchez, 24, of Chester Road, allowed girls to be taken to her flat as "entertainment" for men and to boost the profits of university student Omar Sharif's drug dealing empire, it is claimed.

During a party at Sanchez's flat in Sunderland in 2016, a teenage girl went to a bedroom while "wiped out" by drink and drugs and found out later that two men had had sex with her but had "no idea" who they were, jurors have heard.

Just hours before the attacks, it is claimed Sanchez had sent a text message to Georgi Karaboykov, one of the alleged rapists, saying: "To let you know and make you happier, our guy has arranged two girls for now" and received the reply "I'll be there".

Newcastle Crown Court heard Northumbria University geography undergraduate Sharif, 22, was a lucrative dealer of drugs, including MDMA and MCAT, and a serial abuser of the women he supplied.

He had also raped the same teen in two separate, earlier attacks, prosecutors claim.

The court heard Sharif, who drove a Mercedes AMG sport with personalised plate "S23HRF" and tinted windows, was "no ordinary student" and was a "serial sex offender" who preyed on women he gave drugs to after they "caught his eye".

Sharif, of no fixed address, has admitted some drug supply charges but denies others and denies multiple sex offences.

He is being tried by a jury alongside Sanchez, who has admitted allowing her flat in Sunderland to be used for drug supply but denies facilitating sexual exploitation at the premises.

The court heard Sanchez admitted during police questioning that she was a drug user and Sharif was her dealer.

Prosecutor Gavin Doig said: "She was party, we say, to the agreement to invite "girls" to her flat for the entertainment of "the Bulgarians" - the defendant Karaboykov being one of the Bulgarians."

Mr Doig added: "Sanchez admitted in her interview that she knew Sharif was going to bring girls around to her flat for the entertainment of men at the party.

"The alleged victim and others girls brought by Sharif, are the bait to attract the men, Sharif's customers.

"The men there buy the drugs, so Sharif profits. And Sanchez has assisted in allowing it all to happen at her home, indeed has helped to ensure that the men will be there by inviting Karaboykov in the message."

Two men accused of raping the teenager while she was "smashed out of her face" as a result of the drugs and drink she had taken at Sanchez's flat are also on trial.

Luke Richardson, 20, of Ponden Hill, Sunderland, denies rape and assault by penetration.

Georgi Karaboykov, 34, from Harario Street, Sunderland, also denies rape and assault by penetration.

Both men claim the teen consented to sexual activity with them at the party.

Amer Sharif, 19, of Brunton Terrace, Sunderland, is the younger brother of Omar Sharif and denies a single charge of perverting the course of justice in relation to claims he tried to interfere with the police investigation.

Prosecutors claim Omar Sharif attacked women who were fearful of him or dependent on him for the drugs he gave them, sometimes for free.

It is claimed he gave drugs to and then sexually assaulted a teenager at a student party in Sunderland, in 2015.

Mr Doig said this attack was the start of a "pattern" and added "he gives drugs to girls, he intoxicates them and he seeks to take advantage of them."

Sharif denies sexual assault and supplying MDMA in relation to the alleged victim.

Mr Doig said Sharif raped a girl in Sunderland that same year and had again given her drugs, which the alleged victim said made her "off her face".

The teenager said she had been "scared of his reputation" and had been raped and supplied drugs again by him later that year.

He denies two charges of rape and two of supplying MDMA in relation to the teenager.

The court heard Sharif also supplied drugs to the teen who was raped by two men at the Sanchez party.

It is claimed Sharif raped the same teen, twice in the months leading up to the gathering after driving her to secluded locations in County Durham.

She said she felt "sick" through her ordeal.

Sharif denies two charges of rape and MDMA supply offences in relation to the teen.

He also denies perverting the course of justice.

The trial continues.

Milagros Sanchez. Picture by North News

Milagros Sanchez. Picture by North News

Georgi Karaboykov. Picture by North News

Georgi Karaboykov. Picture by North News

Luke Richardson. Picture by North News

Luke Richardson. Picture by North News

Amer Sharif. Picture by North News

Amer Sharif. Picture by North News