Teen burgled gran

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A TEENAGER has been jailed for burgling his grandmother’s house.

Crystan Wilson, 19, who lives in Dundas Street, Sunderland, was jailed for 18 months for the raid on his grandmother’s house.

Myra Gibson, 57, returned to her home in Walker, Newcastle, to find the intruder had left a blood trail after ransacking the property.

Newcastle Crown Court heard how the young binge drinker smashed his way through a double-glazed window, but gashed his hand badly punching out the thick glass.

Wilson, who was already on a community order and living in supported accommodation, admitted burglary on October 17. When he was arrested, Wilson correctly predicted he would be punished with 18 months detention – boasting his first taste of custody would be “a doddle”. Judge Roger Thorn QC told him: “That is what you expected, you were right, and you think it will be a doddle. We will see.”