Tattooist stabbed man in leg with scissors

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A MAN was stabbed in the leg during an angry confrontation with a rival over an affair.

Stephen Fulton, of Collingwood Court, Sulgrave, Washington, blamed Stephen Chambers for causing his friend’s marriage break-up and confronted him at his tattoo parlour in February, sparking an angry row.

Newcastle Crown Court heard how Mr Chambers picked up a pair of scissors and stabbed 31-year-old Fulton in the thigh, which led to him being taking to hospital and later bedbound.

Fulton pleaded guilty to a public order offence. Mr Chambers did not face any charges.

Nigel Barnes, defending, said Fulton had been “extremely upset” after seeing his friend in tears due to his marriage break-up.

Mr Barnes told the court: “The victim in this is the man rushed to hospital bleeding extremely heavily, the man before you today.

“He understandably feels a sense of grievance he is the one facing the court today and is the one who stands to be convicted of an offence, despite the very unfortunate outcome.”

Mr Barnes said Fulton only ever intended to challenge Mr Chambers verbally, but added: “Thereafter his words and actions may well have led Mr Chambers to believe there was only one outcome, which was physical.”

Prosecutors say it was Fulton’s behaviour that sparked the violence.

It was initially feared Fulton had severed Mr Chambers’ main artery. There was heavy blood loss, but no artery was actually severed.

Judge David Wood conditionally discharged Fulton for 12 months.

The judge told him: “It may well have been that Mr Chambers had behaved very badly, in your opinion, and you felt something ought to be done about it but creating an incident of violence really is not the way to deal these situations.

“Matters, as you found out to your own cost, can get out of hand and people can get injured, sometimes very seriously.”