Swastika face robbery accused found hanged in cell

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A MAN accused of robbery was found dead within eight hours of being sent to prison for the first time.

Kirk Floyd Duboise was remanded into custody by magistrates at Peterlee on February 13.

Yesterday, an inquest at the Coroner’s Court in Crook heard he arrived at the jail at about lunchtime on February 13 and was found hanged at about 9.30pm.

Mr Duboise, of Tees Street, Horden had a history of self-harm and had a swastika tattooed on his face, the inquest jury heard.

The tattoo led officers at Durham Prison to assess him as not suitable to share a cell.

Senior prison officer Grant Hamilton said he spoke to Mr Duboise as part of the jail’s reception process.

He said: “I remarked on the tattoo and he said he was or had been a member of the racist group Combat 18.

“The history of self-harm was on his paperwork, so I asked him about that.

“He said he felt fine, we then shared a joke about how cold it was.

“The conversation we had was generally relaxed, it did not set any alarm bells ringing.”

Officer Hamilton said he filled in a form about the possibility of self-harm, as is standard procedure.

Dr Mark Egan, who carried out a post-mortem examination, told the hearing that Mr Duboise died from hanging.

He said: “I was shown a prison shirt. The neck injuries were consistent with a ligature being applied with a shirt.

“There were no other injuries to suggest anyone else had been involved in the application of the ligature.

“Nor were there any signs of restraint.”

•The inquest continues.