Suspect hurled food tray at police station camera in anger over arrest

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AN angry suspect threw food and drink across his cell after he claimed he had been wrongfully arrested.

Daniel Kirk had been taken into custody at Peterlee police station after he was accused of assault, but was never charged.

The town’s magistrates court heard he had been in the cell on the morning of August 30 when a sergeant took him a hot drink and a meal, which he hurled at a CCTV camera and across the room.

Paula Sanderson, prosecuting, said the cost of the clean-up was put at £120 and when interviewed, Kirk, 32, of Illchester Street, Dawdon, admitted causing the mess.

He pleaded guilty to criminal damage when put before the court.

Jaxon Taylor, mitigating, raised concerns at the amount of compensation requested to pay for the cleaning of the room.

He said: “Deep cleaning is done when someone has urinated, smeared blood or excrement across a cell.

“I appreciate that the food provided at the police station is not particularly pleasant, but was removed and was not as toxic as those other matters.

“It would be a small cost, somebody going in with a wet cloth to wipe it down. He accepts what happened, but as for the cost of £120, I have my reservations.”

Kirk told the bench that he became angry because he wanted to leave the cell to go to the toilet as he was feeling unwell, and ended up in hospital after leaving the station.

He was ordered to pay £60 in compensation to Durham Constabulary, a £15 victim surcharge and £85 costs.