Sunderland woman stole clothes from Primark to wear to her grandfather’s funeral

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A BEREAVED woman was arrested after she was caught stealing clothing to wear at her grandfather’s funeral.

Michelle Clough, 32, stashed £56 worth of clothing into her baby’s buggy after walking around Primark in The Bridges on March 17, Sunderland magistrates heard.

She went to Primark to buy clothing to attend the funeral.

Defence solicitor Chris Wilson

Prosecutor Lee Poppett said: “Miss Clough was seen in Primark, pushing a child in a pushchair.

“A security guard on duty saw her acting somewhat suspiciously as he monitored the CCTV cameras.

“He observed her selecting a number of items of clothing and place in a bag hanging on the pushchair.”

As Clough left the store she was detained by staff, who recovered the goods.

Clough, of Castleford Road, Castletown, was arrested and pleaded guilty to theft.

Chris Wilson, defending, said, Clough, a mum to two children, aged nine and one, had been suffering from depression at the time.

“The following day was the funeral of Michelle’s grandfather,” Mr Wilson said. “She went to Primark to buy clothing to attend the funeral. Whilst in there she has made the erroneous decision to take the clothes. Her decision-making process became flawed.”

Clough was given a one-year conditional discharge with £85 costs and £15 surcharge.