Sunderland woman smashed ex-boyfriend’s head off a wall

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A DRUNK woman pushed her ex-boyfriend head-first into a wall with such force that a brick shattered on impact with his forehead.

Dennis Steele was left bleeding after the attack by Julie Herbertson in which she also kicked him in the head several times, Sunderland magistrates heard.

Alcoholic Herbertson had been in a short relationship with Mr Steele, which ended due to her drinking, prosecutor Keith Laidlaw told the court.

The 41-year-old, Rannoch Road, Red House, then started a relationship with Mr Steele’s cousin, Peter.

On June 3, Mr Steele was at home in Redesdale Road when a neighbour asked if Peter could come and get Herbertson.

“I told her he wasn’t with me,” Mr Steele said in a statement.

“I went outside to speak to her. She was drunk and very angry, blaming me for everything going wrong for her.

“She pushed me in the back very hard. It caused me to fall into the wall of the house, hitting my forehead, breaking a brick.

“She kicked me to the head several times. I am very shocked that I have been assaulted on my own doorstep.”

Herbertson denied assault but was found guilty after a trial.

She was also dealt with for a count of criminal damage, which she admitted earlier in the year, and for which she was given a deferred sentence, pending her good behaviour and compliance with an existing community order.

That disturbance took place on February 9, when Herbertson had arrived at Mr Steele’s door, demanding to see his cousin who was staying there after an argument between the couple.

Herbertson returned several times, and Mr Steele was just about to call police when she smashed the window.

Mr Steele said: “I was looking outside the window. I saw her swinging her arms at the window in a punching motion.

“She punched the window so hard, her arm actually came through the window.”

Joanne Gatens said Herbertson had complied with her community order, including an alcohol treatment requirement, and there had been no further offending since.

Mrs Gatens added that no evidence of kicks to the head had been presented at the trial and asked Herbertson be sentenced on that basis.

Herbertson was told to pay £190 in compensation and £85 costs.

The bench also made an indefinite restraining order, banning her from going within 50 metres of Mr Steele’s home.