Sunderland woman killed herself after reporting repeated rapes by her own father

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A WOMAN killed herself after breaking her silence about being raped by her evil dad when she was a child, an inquest was told.

Claire Warrener did not feel able to report the abuse until 2010, six years after it ended.

But the vulnerable 22-year-old was unable to cope after telling police she had been abused from the age of 11.

Michael Warrener, 59, of Thorney Close, went on to stand trial for raping and indecently assaulting her.

Claire took her own life months after reporting the sick attacks, and the sentencing judge at Newcastle Crown Court blamed her twisted father for her death.

He is serving a 19-year jail term.

An inquest in Sunderland yesterday heard how Claire’s cousin Ashleigh found her body in the kitchen of her home in Hendon.

Paramedics battled to save her, but she was pronounced dead at Sunderland Royal Hospital on December 9.

Her sister Stacey broke down and was unable to continue giving evidence to the hearing in the Civic Centre. “He had been following her about town. She was scared about the trial,” she said.

Investigating officer Detective Constable David Garrity, who led the investigation into the allegations about Michael Warrener, gave evidence at the hearing.

He said: “Prior to her death, she had made a report to the police with regards to sexual abuse by her father.

“I think on speaking with Claire and throughout the investigation, it had a clearly significant effect and massive impact on her life.”

Dr Hugh Cochrane, pathologist at Sunderland Royal Hospital, said Claire would have died suddenly from heart failure.

He added that there were marks of self-harm on her body and small amounts of alcohol and amphetamine was found in her blood.

Coroner Derek Winter praised Claire’s “courage” in reporting the abuse.

He said: “The death of Claire Warrener was a very tragic culmination of events in her life around which she had very little, if any control.”

He recorded a verdict that Claire had killed herself.

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LOSING her sister and resulting court case had a devastating affect on Stacey Warrener, now known as Guiheen, Sundwerland magistrates heard.

Along with her aunty Michelle, 42, the 27-year-old took part in a drunken attack on a woman in a chip shop - while they were in charge of a five-year-old boy.

Trouble flared when Guiheen Jnr abused a dog walker, who took her to task for throwing something which nearly hit her pet.

The booze-fuelled assault in Thorney Close was witnessed by Guiheen Jnr’s young son, the court heard.

The frightened victim, Allison Miller, took refuge in a fish and chip shop in Allendale Road.

But Guiheen, of Laura Street, Hendon, followed her in and launched an attack, joined by her aunt, who was already in the takeaway.

Prosecutor Michael Rose showed magistrates CCTV footage of the incident, where pair turned on the terrified dog walker on the evening of Tuesday, June 19.

Police were called and the victim needed treatment for a cut above her left eyebrow.

Both women claimed they were too drunk to remember what they had done, but admitted assault and being drunk in charge of a child.

Michelle Guiheen, of Polsworth Square, Plains Farm, also admitted assaulting a woman police officer, after she kicked out while she was being arrested.

Mitigating for Stacey Guiheen, Gerry Armstrong referred to the tragic death of her sister before the high-profile court case.

He said she had “dealt with issues most of us could never imagine having to cope with, having to relive it effectively in the public domain and seeing the effect on her own sister.

“You can see why in the past she became as she did, and why when she came out of prison there was a period of degeneration, which has now been replaced now been replaced with a bright and positive future.”

Chairman of the Bench Hilary Malick said it was one of the “saddest” Probation Service reports she had ever read, and ordered she pay her victim £100.

Mitigating for her aunt, Joanne Gatens said the offence was out of character for her and she was very remorseful.

She was ordered to carry out 150 hours unpaid work and pay £100 compensation.