Sunderland woman hit with firework attack – over £10 debt

Scales of justice
Scales of justice
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A woman’s home was the target of a firework attack after she asked for repayment of a £10 debt.

David Gerrard, 27, posted “bangers” through the victim’s front door and told police he had hoped to cause her “a bit” of injury.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the missiles made a disturbance at the house in Garfield Street, Pallion, Sunderland, last August but did not cause harm or extensive damage.

Prosecutor Mark Guiliani told the court: “They were banger type fireworks, the things that just explode causing a loud noise.

“This is all over a £10 debt.”

The court heard the householder was owed £10 by a pal of Gerrard and she had asked for it to be repaid that day.

Her request resulted in a series of threats, by another man who was dealt with by magistrates, about her home being petrol bombed.

It was later that night Gerrard posted the fireworks and was spotted walking away.

Mr Guiliani told the court; “He made full admissions.

“He said he put the bangers in a cigarette packet, sit it alight and put it through the letterbox.

“He said ‘I don’t like her’.”

The court heard Gerrard had held a grudge because the woman mentioned his name to police in connection with the threats made by the other man earlier that day.

He told officers: “I wanted to scare them and damage stuff and cause her injury, just cause a bit, cause some red marks.”

Gerrard, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to attempted arson being reckless to whether life is endangered.

Judge Edward Bindloss adjourned the case so Gerrard can be assessed by a psychiatrist.

The judge told Gerrard: “I take the view this is a serious case.

“The risk of harm here is significant.

“These are difficult cases to sentence. I need to assess your level of responsibility and the risk you pose to the public.”

Gerrard will be back in court next month.

Jamie Adams, defending, said Gerrard has a history of problems and a vulnerable nature.

Mr Adams said; “It looks like this might have been done on the spur of the moment.”