Sunderland thief told court he stole hair extensions for partner who was battling cancer

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A BOYFRIEND stole hair extensions he claimed were for his girlfriend who was battling cancer.

Anthony James Bamborough grabbed two sets of the fake locks from a stall in the Bridges shopping centre, Sunderland.

Jeanette Smith told Sunderland Magistrates’ Court that the 35-year-old was spotted taking the hair extensions, worth £29, on April 5.

Bamborough, who is heavily tattoed on his face, was identified from CCTV and arrested.

Mrs Smith added: “He made full admissions to police. It is not clear if the hair extensions were recovered, but there is no claim for compensation.” Bamborough, from Pallion, Sunderland, pleaded guilty to theft. He also admitted failing to attend court on June 3.

Duncan Emmerson, defending, called the theft “unsophisticated”.

He said: “He was caught pretty much immediately. He took the hair extensions from the stall and was caught quite soon thereafter.

“He is of fairly distinctive appearance.

“The reason he actually took the hair extensions is because at the time he was in a relationship with a young lady who was undergoing chemotherapy, which had caused her hair to fall out.

“He took these to enhance her appearance and improve her self-worth, so really it was an act of kindness, albeit misguided.”

He added that Bamborough, of Brady Street, had missed court earlier in the month because he had written the wrong date in his diary.

“His literacy skills are not particularly good, so it was just an error on his part,” Mr Emmerson said.

Magistrates imposed a £70 fine and ordered Bamborough to pay £45 towards court costs and a £20 victim surcharge.