Sunderland thief stole from her dad

Laura Tinn outside court. Below, Roxanne Sehman.
Laura Tinn outside court. Below, Roxanne Sehman.
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A THIEF took the saying “charity begins at home” literally – by stealing from her dad.

After spending the night at her dad’s home, Laura Tinn, of Ravenswood Road, Red House, Sunderland, made off with his Wii games console, along with games and controllers for it, and his mobile phone.

South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court heard the 21-year-old then used the phone to ring her pal Roxanne Sehman, who she asked to sell on the goods for a slice of the profit.

Sehman sold most of the items – which were estimated to be worth £1,000 – at a shop for £87.

Magistrates heard the shop wouldn’t buy the Wii because it was broken, so the pair sold it for parts to another shop for a further £12.

Tinn pleaded guilty to theft, while 19-year-old Sehman, of Wouldhave Court, South Shields, pleaded guilty to handling stolen goods.

Paul Doney, prosecuting, said that after asking Sehman to help her sell the goods, Tinn met her at CEX in King Street, South Shields.

He said: “At first, only Tinn was arrested but CCTV from the shop showed both defendants selling the items.

“Sehman was paid £20 for her part.”

The court heard that Tinn told police she used the profits to buy drugs – but she denied she said that.

Mr Doney asked magistrates to consider paying compensation to the shop, who were out of pocket, and Tinn’s father.

Paul Kennedy, defending, said: “The situation is fairly straightforward and both have made full admissions of their part to police.

“Miss Tinn stayed at her father’s, took the items, rang the co-defendant and the items were sold. There is some dispute over that the money was used for.”

The case was adjourned until Monday for the probation service to prepare reports about the pair. Magistrates said they both face a community order.

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