Sunderland teacher jailed over £30,000 cocaine deal

Michael Younghusband, 30, of Kingswood, Penshaw
Michael Younghusband, 30, of Kingswood, Penshaw
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A TEACHER has been jailed after he was caught carrying out a £30,000 cocaine deal near Penshaw Monument.

Geography and maths teacher Michael Younghusband was seen taking delivery of a package containing 744g of the Class A drug from Keith Brumwell in the parking area close to the Monument on August 28.

Keith Brumwell, 28, of Basingstoke Road, Peterlee

Keith Brumwell, 28, of Basingstoke Road, Peterlee

Recorder Toby Hedworth QC, sitting at Durham Crown Court, has jailed Younghusband, 30, for three years and four months, and Brumwell, 28, for four years and four months, after they both admitted possessing a Class A drug with intent to supply.

Younghusband, who had been assessed as an “outstanding” teacher by Ofsted, was suspended from his job teaching geography and mathematics at Dene House Community School in Peterlee after his arrest.

However, on Friday he was still listed on the school’s website as a teacher in the humanities department.

Prosecutor John Gillette, told the court that police officers had observed Younghusband arrive in a car park in a black BMW at 2.40pm.

He was seen to gesture towards a Land Rover Discovery driven by Brumwell.

“Both vehicles came to a stop, one behind the other,” Mr Gillette said.

Brumwell was seen getting into the passenger seat of the BMW with a package wrapped in a coat. He left moments later without the package and got back into his car and drove off.

Police followed Younghusband, whose car was stopped in Newbottle.

“He admitted there was a package in the passenger footwell,” Mr Gillette said.

“When asked what was in it, his reply was ‘it’s a kilo of coke’.”

It was, in fact, 744g of cocaine, with an estimated street value of £29,760.

On searching his home in Kingswood, Penshaw, £7,000 of cash was found in £1,000 bundles.

Jane Foley, mitigating for Younghusband, who was made bankrupt last month, said her client had got into £5,000-worth of debt to his drug dealers and was pressured into making the delivery.

“If ever there was a fall from grace, this is an example of it.

“He was assessed by Ofsted at Dene House School as an outstanding teacher. He had been teaching geography and mathematics for some nine years. He has two degrees and his conduct hitherto is exemplary. He has no previous convictions.

“Mr Younghusband has lost a great deal. He’s lost his good name and reputation. He’s lost his employment for which he worked very hard indeed.”

Caroline O’Neill, head of education at Durham County Council, said: “Once sentencing has taken place, the school governors will go through the appropriate processes and take the relevant action.”

The Land Rover was traced to Brumwell’s home in Basingstoke Road in Peterlee and the 28-year-old was arrested in his vehicle with further quantities of cocaine.

Brumwell also admitted a second charge, on the day of sentence, of possession with intent to supply in relation to another 41.6g of cocaine.

On searching a garage in Beverley Way, Peterlee, they found drugs paraphernalia, including and a hydraulic press, used to press bags of cocaine.

Martin Scarborough, mitigating for Bramwell, described his client as a man of “impeccable character”

“His addiction to cocaine caused him to get into debt to those were providing him with cocaine for his own use.

“He didn’t know Mr Younghusband. He knew he had to meet someone and the exchange is done without knowing exactly how much cocaine was in the package.

“He is very ashamed, in particular in regard to his grandmother. It was his grandmother’s garage where the items were stored.”

A Proceeds of Crime Act hearing will be held on February 15.