Sunderland star in court

David Meyler arrives at Sunderland Magistrates' Court.
David Meyler arrives at Sunderland Magistrates' Court.
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SUNDERLAND footballer David Meyler fell foul of the law when he used his mobile while driving – just a day after being warned for doing the same thing.

Meyler, 22, admitted using a mobile while behind the wheel when he appeared before city magistrates yesterday.

Glenda Beck, prosecuting, said a police officer has spotted the midfielder’s Range Rover at traffic lights in the city centre lights on the morning of Friday, August 5.

“It was brought to the officer’s attention because the same officer had seen Mr Meyler the previous day, also using a mobile phone, and he had been warned for that offence,” said Mrs Beck.

Geoff Rogers, for Meyler, said the footballer already had six points on his licence and knew he was facing another three.

“Mr Meyler realises that he will have to be extremely careful in relation to his future driving, especially with regard to mobile phones,” said Mr Rogers.

Meyler, of Sunderland, had been into the city centre to pick up some dry cleaning on the day of the offence. On his way out of town he had received ‘a fairly urgent’ text message from his mother in Ireland.

“Rather than try to reply to it immediately, he left the message until he came to the lights,” said Mr Rogers.

“He stopped and, while the lights were on red, took the opportunity to begin sending his response – that is when the officer saw him.

“He was not actually using the phone, in the sense he was not speaking to anybody, but while the car was stationary, he decided to send a message back to his mother.”

Meyler was fined £335 with three penalty points.

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