Sunderland stalker jailed after torture and death threats

Stalker Jamie Bruce
Stalker Jamie Bruce
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A SINISTER stalker who developed a “dangerous obsession” with a woman he barely knew has been put behind bars for the safety of the public.

Jamie Bruce became fixated with his victim during their brief spell as neighbours a decade ago.

Since then, the 28-year-old, of Sulgrave, Washington, has bombarded her with terrifying death and torture threats, despite being given court orders and prison sentences to keep away from her.

At Newcastle Crown Court yesterday, Mr Justice Openshaw jailed Bruce for five years – the maximum sentence for breaching a restraining order, which he had pleaded guilty to.

The judge said: “The letters are in extreme and graphic terms, they threatened torture of the most horrific kind.

“I have no doubt that the recipient was terrified when she received them, as no doubt the defendant intended.

“The letters are abusive, explicit and threatening.

“The defendant has plainly developed a dangerous obsession with her.

“It is an offence far worse than stalking because he is deliberately pursuing a course of conduct with the intention of terrifying her.

“He presents, in my mind, the clearest of danger to the public and I have a duty to protect the public by passing such sentences as I can.”

The court heard Bruce was given his first restraining order in August 2005 but has repeatedly breached that and subsequent similar orders.

His most recent offences were committed while in prison.

Prosecutor Kevin Wardlaw told the court Bruce sent her threatening letters from his jail cell in July last year and similar correspondence was intercepted by officials before being posted.

Mr Wardlaw said: “He makes insulting remarks about her before going on to say he’s going to have her kidnapped and tortured.

“He told her to watch her back and said ‘I’m coming for you. Tell your family you love them, you will never see them again’.

“He said she was going to be kidnapped, she was going to be tortured, taken from the street.

“He describes in quite graphic detail the type of torture which is going to be inflicted on her.

“He said ‘I may let you go or I may kill you. At the end of the day I’m coming for you and you will suffer’.”

In a victim impact statement to police the victim said: “I have tried to convince myself he doesn’t mean what he says and I know he is in prison.

“When he is released I will be in constant and real fear for the wellbeing of my family and myself.

“I believe he is capable of the threats to harm and kill me.”

Bruce represented himself and put forward no mitigation and refused to see the psychiatrist who went to prison to interview him while he was on remand