Sunderland shop thief with 20-year history of offending jailed

A shop thief with a 20-year history of offending has been jailed for his latest crimes.

Lacey Robson, 48, was locked up for a total of 24 weeks for two thefts, a public order offence and a burglary.

The court heard Robson pinched £206 of booze and other items from Sainsbury’s Silksworth store on Saturday, April 2, and Wednesday, May 18.

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He also used threatening, abusive or insulting words with intent to cause fear or provoke unlawful violence in Sunderland, also on May 18.

Lacey Robson.

Robson, of Toward Street, Hendon, pleaded guilty to two counts of theft and the public order offence.

District Judge Zoe Passfield jailed him for 12 weeks for each theft, and he was imprisoned for eight weeks for the public order offence, all to run concurrently.

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The court also heard Robson burgled retailer B&Q’s store in Trimdon Street, Millfield, on Monday, July 12 last year.

At a hearing last September, he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to a two-year community order, with a requirement of one year of drug rehabilitation.

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For breaching that order through non-compliance, Judge Passfield revoked it and jailed him for 12 weeks, to run consecutively.

Prosecutor Greg Flaxen said: “He has been offending since 2002, so 20 years.”

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Heather Bolton, defending, said Robson had an appointment lined up with a Wearside drug support agency, if allowed his liberty.

She added: “Someone with a chaotic lifestyle, it’s difficult to change them overnight.

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“I do ask you to give him one last chance, a final opportunity to work with the Probation Service.”

Judge Passfield also ordered Robson, who has over 60 previous convictions, to pay full compensation to Sainsbury’s.