Sunderland schizophrenic killer thought he was Henry VIII’s son and wanted to kill the Queen

Ronald Dixon
Ronald Dixon
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KILLER Ronald Dixon’s violent past had included a bungled attempt to kill the Queen just months before his attack on Ashleigh Ewing.

Dixon, who believed he was Henry VIII’s son, was arrested by royal protection officers at the gates of Buckingham Palace for threatening to kill the Monarch.

The inciden, which happened in January 2006, was taken so seriously that Scotland Yard warned authorities in the North East about Dixon before a royal visit to the area.

The Buckingham Palace arrest came to light during Dixon’s trial for killing Miss Ewing at Newcastle Crown Court in 2007.

Paul Sloan QC, prosecuting, said: “He told police that his dad was Henry VIII.

“He admitted he wanted to kill the Queen. He referred to himself as King Ron.”