Sunderland murder trial hears how violence started because victim was unfaithful and owed girlfriend £30

The late Michael Stead.
The late Michael Stead.

A woman plotted violence against her long-term boyfriend who later died as a result of a horror attack outside his home, murder jurors have heard.

Leanne Mould had a furious fall out with Sunderland man Michael Stead over her claims that he had been unfaithful and that he had taken £30 belonging to her.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the 34-year-old mum had warned she would get Mr Stead "done in" and there had been a series of angry text exchanges.

The trial of two city men accused of his murder started on Tuesday with one of the pair also charged alongside Leanne Mould and a third man with conspiring to cause grievous bodily

harm with intent.

Prosecutor David Brooke told the court Leanne Mould had accused Mr Stead of "unfaithfulness" and said that he had "stolen from her".

Jurors have heard Leanne Mould, of Brady Street, her brother, Daniel Mould, 26, of Chester Terrace North, and Trevor Creighton, 33, of Lumley Street, all Sunderland, all

conspired to commit grievous bodily harm on Mr Stead, which led to an angry confrontation outside his home in Brady Street, in the Pallion area of the city, at around 9pm on March 21

last year.

Mr Brooke told the court there was a second stand-off outside the property around an hour-and-a-half later.

Daniel Mould and Michael Young, 26, of Rutherglen Road, Sunderland, who were armed with a hammer and a steel sharpener, then launched a murderous attack, it is claimed.

Mr Stead, who was 34, never regained consciousness after the violence and died on December 28, nine months later, as a result of head injuries.

Mr Brooke told jurors: "Leanne Mould, with her brother Daniel Mould and Trevor Creighton are charge with conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm upon Michael Stead in relation to

what led up to his death that night."

The court heard all four are claimed to have been at the scene at some point during the second, fatal, confrontation but only two defendants are accused of the murder.

Mr Brooke added: "There was a confrontation at about 10.30pm with Michael Stead outside his home.

"That involved Daniel Mould, Trevor Creighton and, at that time, Michael Young as well, at a time when Leanne Mould was also present.

"The prosecution say the three male defendants left after an initial incident, where there was some form of confrontation.

"Then, Daniel Mould and Michael Young, the first two defendants, came back to the scene and it was then they inflicted injuries on Michael Stead in an attack that ultimately led to his


The court heard a witness who saw the aftermath of the attack saw Mr Stead "lying motionless in the road" with his head "covered in blood".

Another witness told police she saw Young walking away from the scene, saying "we've killed him, we've killed him".

Mr Stead was taken to the Royal Victoria Infirmary, in Newcastle, after the attack with extensive head fractures and bleeding around and within the brain.

He had surgery to relieve pressure in the brain but remained in a persistent vegetative state until he died in hospital.

Daniel Mould and Young deny murder.

Daniel Mould, Leanne Mould and Creighton all deny conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm with intent.

The trial continues.