Sunderland mum slams the ‘scumbags’ who stole from her dead baby’s grave

Julie-Ann Smith, at the grave of her stillborn baby in Bishopwearmouth Cemetery, from where thieves have stolen a wind chime
Julie-Ann Smith, at the grave of her stillborn baby in Bishopwearmouth Cemetery, from where thieves have stolen a wind chime
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A MUM has been left shattered after thieves raided her baby daughter’s grave.

Julie-Ann Smith labelled the raiders “scumbags” and urged them to return the angel wind chime left in memory of her stillborn daughter, Jordan Louise.

The family, of Plains Farm, had been visiting Jordan’s grave at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery in Sunderland when it was discovered the chime had been taken.

The theft is particularly upsetting since the item had been bought by Julie-Ann’s sister, Pauline Tumilty, who sadly died in April.

The 35-year-old, of Plains Farm, said: “Whoever did this are scumbags, absolute scumbags.

“The angel windchime meant more the world to me. Pauline was over the moon when she got it at Christmas because she had bought her something that could be put on the grave forever.”

Julie-Ann’s partner Paul Harvey, 42, went to visit the grave of their daughter, who was stillborn 13 years ago, when he made the grim discovery this week.

“When he phoned me and told me I couldn’t believe it,” Julie-Ann said. “It was the last thing my sister bought for her so it meant so much and now it’s gone.

“These people think they can just steal off anyone’s grave but to steal off a baby’s is something else. It’s stirred a lot of emotions in me.

“I hope they’ve got some comfort from the fact they’ve stolen something with so much meaning that can’t be replaced.”

Julie-Ann and Paul often visit the grave at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery to remember their daughter.

And the couple had been planning on getting a plaque put up there in memory of Pauline, 41, who died after suffering a sudden heart attack.

“It’s a special place to us and somewhere that we can remember Jordan,” Julie-Ann said.

“We’ve been going there more than usual lately because we’ve been sorting it out so we can put a plaque up there for my sister.

“She was cremated and we wanted to have something there saying that Jordan’s aunty is close by so it’s upsetting this has happened.”

Last year, a spate of robberies took place at Houghton Cemetery, leaving grieving relatives distraught.

Yobs ransacked Clare and Martin Veitch’s stillborn son Joseph’s grave, stealing a teddy bear, fairies and gnomes.

Dean Foster was also shocked to discover decorative angels had been taken from his parents’ Edna and Sidney’s memorial.

A month earlier, devastated Jade Turnbull hit out at thieves who stole precious trinkets from the grave of her sister Amanda, 23, and nephew Tyler, who died after being born prematurely, at the same cemetery.

Thieves also targeted the grave of Colin Everett’s wife, Claire Walker Everett, who lost her brave battle against cervical cancer at the age of 23.