Sunderland man stamped on and stabbed girlfriend after downing cider for breakfast

Newcastle Crown Court.
Newcastle Crown Court.
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An attacker who plunged a knife into his girlfriend's leg during a horror attack at his home has been put behind bars.

Darren Jones, 44, had already pulled the woman to the floor by her hair and stamped on her head and body after downing cider at breakfast time on May 10.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the knife Jones used in the stabbing had been picked up by the 45-year-old victim in a bid to protect herself from him.

Prosecutor Philip Morley said: "She said 'I can't let you hit me again, if you do, I will just have to stab you'.

"He responded by saying 'I will show you what stabbing is'.

"He then took the knife and stabbed her in the leg, to the top of the thigh. "

The court heard it was Jones who called the police when the woman started bleeding from the wound.

Jones, of Tower Street West, Hendon, admitted assault.

The court heard he has previous convictions for violent behaviour towards at least two previous partners.

He also admitted a common assault in relation to his recent girlfriend just weeks before the stabbing attack.

Miss Recorder Wigin sentenced Jones to two years and three months behind bars with a five year restraining order to stay away from his victim.

The judge told him: "I bear in mind when sentencing you , you are a man who has a very substantial history of offending of this type.

"It is right the previous offences are not of the same degree of severity but they show a clear pattern by you of domestic violence."

The court heard trouble had started on the morning of the attack when Jones, who was in a "foul mood", started drinking and making unpleasant comments to his partner without reason.

The violence started with slaps to her head and quickly escalated, with her ending up on the floor.

Mr Morley said: "She tried to curl up in a ball.

"He then started to stamp on her.

"He was stamping on her head, all down her left side. She describes the stamps striking her arm, shoulder, leg.

"She said the stamping was at least a dozen times, if not more.

"After the stamping, he has then kicked her four times to the back."

The court heard Jones then pushed his foot into the woman's face, causing her to scream in pain.

It was after that the victim picked up the knife.

Footage from a police officer's body camera was played in court and showed the victim's badly bruised body and stab wound to her upper leg.

She said in a statement she can no longer trust men and has been having flashbacks to the violence.

Lee Fish, defending, said Jones recognises he needs help with his alcohol problem and had hoped to get back together with his victim.

Mr Fish said: "The defendant had hoped there would be a reconciliation with her but it may be that is misplaced hope, I am aware she has requested a restraining order."