Sunderland man kicked police officers who tried to help him after he fell off a wall

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A MAN has been jailed for four months for assaulting two police officers who tried to help him when he was seen falling off a wall on New Year’s Eve.

Rather than showing the officers gratitude for coming to his aid in Holmeside on December 31, Matthew Cain hurled abuse at the pair and punched a police van, Sunderland magistrates heard.

And when they put his behaviour down to drink and let him on his way at 10pm, Cain tracked them down to a different part of the city centre, where he swore at them again.

Prosecutor John McGlone said officers came across the 26-year-old, of Tower Street, Hendon, sitting on a low wall, cuddling a female when he fell to his left.

“He appeared to be drunk and they checked on him and sent him on his way,” Mr McGlone said. “He then approached the van with an angry expression on his face and punched one of the windows.”

Later that evening the two officers saw Cain standing in front of the police van, swearing and shouting that he would not get out of the way. He was arrested and taken to Southwick Police Station.

“He was taken to a holding cell to be searched and was abusive throughout,” Mr McGlone said. “He lashed out with his right foot, connection with the officer’s thigh just six inches from his groin area.

“The second officer heard him cry out in pain and when he entered the cell, the defendant kicked him as well.”

When Cain had sobered up, he was interviewed and could not remember kicking the officers. He told police he had drank up to one-and-a-half litres of vodka.

Cain admitted being drunk and disorderly and two counts of assaulting a police officer. He was subject to a suspended sentence for two counts of battery and is taking part in an alcohol treatment scheme, the court heard.

Chris Wilson, defending, said: “Unfortunately, on New Year’s Eve, when he went out with a number of associates in Sunderland, he became depressed and drank to excess.”

Jailing Cain, chairman of the bench Derek Moss said: “this offence is so serious that only custody can be justified, due to your record, the timing of the offence, your failure to comply with court orders, and the fact that alcohol was involved.”

Cain was also told to pay £40 in compensation to each of the two officers he assaulted.