Sunderland man jailed after night out camping ended in knife attack

Simon Muttitt.
Simon Muttitt.

A wild camping enthusiast has been put behind bars after a hammock mishap that was caught on camera led to bloodshed.

Simon Muttitt lashed out with a knife when his outdoor bed collapsed while he was trying to sleep on it and a fellow camper, who was filming a video diary at the time, started to laugh.

The attack took place near Penshaw Monument.

The attack took place near Penshaw Monument.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the sleepy 45-year-old initially "flung" the weapon, that he was carrying for bush craft during the overnight expedition at Penshaw Monument woodland, but

then picked it up and swung it at his victim's leg.

The weapon caused two gashes that were initially dressed by the victim himself using wet wipes and then steri-stripped at hospital the day after the attack in November 2015.

The court heard the wild campers had been drinking around a fire before Muttitt settled in for the night in his hammock.

Trouble flared when his victim kept filming, despite being told to stop - and then laughed when Muttitt's hammock collapsed.

Muttitt, of Tatham Street, Hendon, Sunderland, was convicted of wounding with intent after a trial by jury.

He had admitted the lesser charge of unlawful wounding, which was rejected by prosecutors.

Judge Robert Spragg sentenced him to three years behind bars.

The judge said: "He was making a video diary of what took place.

"You got into your hammock. It is clear you were drunk. He filmed it.

"During the course of it, it is clear he carried on videoing, despite you telling him to stop and telling him to go away.

"Your hammock collapsed. He found it funny, you didn't.

"You had a knife in your hand, a knife used for bush craft.

"You flung the knife and it caught him in the leg. You then forcibly swung the knife at his leg."

The court heard the victim's injuries healed without problems .

Barry Robson defending, said Muttitt, who has previous convictions, has "kept himself to himself" since he was last in trouble in 2011.