Sunderland man in court over stab threat to pizza delivery driver

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An incompetent thief was caught red-handed when empty pizza boxes and an order sheet were found in his house after he refused to pay and threats were made to a delivery driver.

A Domino’s Pizza worker was forced to hand over £32 worth of food to Gary Cutter, 37, whose two pals came to the door with their faces covered and said they would stab him, Sunderland magistrates heard.

Prosecutor Gary Fothergill said: “At 10.10pm on February 11, a Domino’s delivery driver attended an address in Kentchester Road to deliver an order, including two pizzas, drinks and snacks worth £32.45.

“He has knocked on the door to a flat occupied by Mr Cutter, who has opened the door to the driver.

“Two other males then appear at the door, covering their faces. One of them says ‘If you are not moving you are getting stabbed’.”

The driver returned to his car and contacted fellow staff at Domino’s, who called the police, the court heard.

“Officers attended the address,” Mr Fothergill said. “They saw empty pizza boxes in the flat, along with a list of the extensive order of food placed to Domino’s.”

Cutter told police he had been drinking in the flat with friends and said they had been ‘larking about’ when the pizza arrived.

Cutter, now of Hudson Road, Hendon, pleaded guilty to theft.

Sentencing him to a 12-month community order with 20 days of specified activity, bench chairman Jan Leech said: “This must have been quite frightening for the delivery man.”

Cutter was also fined £100 and was told to pay £320 costs, £60 victim surcharge and £32.45 compensation.