Sunderland man hurled bike through partner’s window

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A JEALOUS boyfriend smashed his girlfriend’s windows after he found men drinking at her home.

Jed Phillipson went to his partner’s house after she failed to turn up and meet him.

After discovering the unknown men, he threw a child’s bike through one pane of glass and punched another.

The fracas was seen by a neighbour, who called police. Phillipson, of Cleaves Court, Washington, appeared at Sunderland Magistrates’ Court and pleaded guilty to criminal damage.

Prosecutor Paul Doney said officers were called to the woman’s house on 2.15am on May 5. He said: “She confirmed she was inside the address with a male she could not name.

“The defendant then entered her bedroom and started shouting at her. She describes a neighbour entering the house and removing Phillipson, before her two windows were broken.”

He added: “They found a small child’s bike had been thrown through the living room window. They then saw the defendant punch another window, causing it to smash.”

Philipa Wylie, defending Phillipson, said: “His girlfriend was drunk and has invited some males to the property.

“Mr Phillipson had been out with his own friends and went to the address because he was supposed to meet her, but she did not appear.

“He said there were males there that he did not know, and more worryingly, that she did not know.” She added that 20-year-old Phillipson suffered from ADHD.

District Judge Helen Cousins told him: “Even with provocation, you can’t go round breaking other people’s windows.”

She imposed a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered he pay £200 compensation to landlord Gentoo.