Sunderland man fined for selling children booze

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A MAN has been fined after he was caught buying alcohol for underage youths.

The 19-year-old was given the fixed penalty notice as part of a crackdown on youth disorder, in and around Barnes Park in Sunderland.

City police said additional patrols continue to be carried around the park at the times when the disorder is worse.

Neighbourhood Inspector Dave Pickett said: “It’s well known that youth disorder is often fuelled by alcohol and underage drinking.

“It’s this kind of disorder that disproportionately raises the fear of crime in our communities.

“It’s only ever a small proportion of young people who come to our attention, but their behaviour affects the whole community.

“If we find underage youths in possession of alcohol we will take it off them.

“However, we want to stop them from getting hold of alcohol in the first place, and work with trading standards and off-licences to make sure they’re not selling alcohol to people under 18.

“This fine should act as a warning to adults who buy alcohol for under-18s that we will target them as well and take action against their actions.”

PCSO Glenn Devlin, who issued the fine, said: “PCSOs are now able to issue fixed penalty notices and we will do this and use the powers we have to help make our communities even safer.”