Sunderland man emptied his friend’s bank account using stolen card

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A MAN stole his friend’s bank card and used it to withdraw all his money.

Liam Moore made three quick-fire withdrawals and replaced the card within an hour in a bid to avoid detection, Sunderland Magistrates’ Court heard.

“Moore had been socialising in his friend’s flat,” said Paul Anderson, prosecuting.

“He left late in the evening, taking the card from above the fireplace.

“Three withdrawals were made within minutes at a nearby cashpoint.”

The court was told Moore crept back into the flat at about 1am to return the card.

Mr Anderson added: “The victim knew his money was due to go into his account at midnight.

“He got up at 7am to withdraw it, but was unable to do so. When he asked Moore about it, he speculated the money must have been taken up by bank charges.

“Suspicion fell on Moore because he had used the card before and knew the number.”

Moore, 26, formerly of Clacton Road, Hylton Castle, Sunderland, admitted fraud on March 7.

The court heard he was cautioned by police on condition he repay the £210 he stole.

Gerry Scott, defending, said: “He is extremely sorry and ashamed of the way he treated his friend.”

The bench ordered Moore to pay £150 compensation, and £285 in fines and costs.

The money must be paid at £20 a fortnight.