Sunderland man chooses jail over abiding by order

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STUBBORN David King has been put behind bars after volunteering to go into custody rather than do as he was told.

The Sunderland 20-year-old was before a judge for failing to comply with a suspended sentence order, yet the probation service was willing to give him another chance to comply.

But King left the court with no option but to lock him up, after saying he would rather face going to custody than abide by any order that would allow him to keep his freedom.

His barrister Jamie Adams told Newcastle Crown Court: “He doesn’t particularly want to go to custody, but rather than be made to do the order or do something else in its place he would rather, surprisingly, go to custody.”

Judge David Wood sentenced King, of St. Leonard Street, Hendon, to 12 weeks in a young offenders’ institution.

The judge told him: “You say you are not willing to continue with the order or comply in any way and you effectively invite the court to deal with you in some other way. That’s what I shall do.

“You were very fortunate in a way to receive a suspended sentence in the first place.”

King had been sentenced to 36 weeks, imprisonment, suspended for 18 months with programme and supervision requirements in April last year for assault.

He complied and attended fortnightly supervision meetings until earlier this month, when he stopped after falling out with his probation officer.