Sunderland man attacked police after being ejected from his own 40th birthday party

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A MAN punched a police officer and kicked another after he was ejected from his own 40th birthday party.

Paul Lee had been celebrating in the Roker Hotel with family and friends when he got into a drunken row, Sunderland magistrates heard.

Roker Hotel, Sunderland

Roker Hotel, Sunderland

Police officers on patrol saw him shouting and being abusive as he was escorted out of the seafront venue by door staff.

The court heard that Lee’s sister tried to help him away as he tried to pick a fight with a group of males.

Police warned him to leave the area but he became abusive towards them. He then squared up to another man, the court heard, and the pair had to be separated.

Prosecutor John McGlone said: “The officers told Mr Lee he was going to be arrested.

“At that point he struck out with a punch with a closed fist, which hit the forehead of the police officer. The officer punched him back and struggled with him and took him to the ground.”

He continued to struggle as he was placed in the police car, kicking out and catching the other officer in the chest.

Lee, who works for Unipres in Washington, told police that he had drank about 10 pints and could not remember much about what happened.

Lee, of Queen’s Crescent, High Barnes, pleaded guilty to two counts of assaulting a police officer and one of using threatening behaviour.

“It was his 40th birthday and he had been out with family and friends,” defence solicitor Kate Meek said. “His sister has been dragged into this unsightly and unseemly incident.

“His parents spent the night waiting for him in the police station.

“His older sister is not speaking to him. His sister, who was there, is just about speaking to him.

“His fiancée is furious with him and his parents are just about getting back on terms. He’s had it rammed home to him how disgraceful his behaviour was.”

Lee was sentenced to 12 months’ supervision and 80 hours of unpaid work. He was told to pay £50 in compensation to each of the officers, £85 costs and a £60 surcharge.