Sunderland love rat attacked two women

Court story
Court story
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A LOVE rat has been ordered to stay away from two women he left feeling “worthless” through sickening domestic violence.

Thomas Kirkup slapped Amy Day, grabbed her by the throat and caused a deep cut to her arm with a splinter of broken glass he had thrown at the wall beside her.

When the 20-year-old had enough of his brutish behaviour and told Kirkup to stay away, he continued to bombard her with texts – despite starting a new relationship with Deborah Preece.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the 22-year-old moved to Rotherham to be with Miss Preece, who he met online, and within months launched attacks on her, which included him stubbing a cigarette out on her leg.

He also stole £300 cash and a ring worth £300 from Miss Preece before he left.

Kirkup, who is from Sunderland but has no fixed address, admitted two charges of harassment in relation to Miss Day and two of common assault in relation to Miss Preece.

Judge John Evans told him: “You have been lifting your hands to two woman and the history of your relationships is somewhat unusual. These women had initially enjoyed the company you provided, but that enjoyment was pretty short-lived, because within a very short time in each case you have then taken it upon yourself to act violent towards them.

“There is similarity between the descriptions of the way they have been treated by you. You need to understand it is not acceptable.”

The judge sentenced Kirkup, who has been in custody on remand, to 18 months, suspended for two years, with supervision and programme requirements.

Judge Evans warned him: “If you lift your hands to any other woman you will be serving the 18 months. You keep your hands to yourself.”

Kirkup was ordered to stay away from both women under the terms of lifelong restraining orders.

The court heard Kirkup had been in a relationship with Miss Day, from Sunderland, for about five years. He admits harassment of her between January 2011 and July 2013, when the “emotional abuse became physical”. Prosecutor Paul Rowland said: “The defendant admits and accepts during the course of the relationship he had, on a number of occasions, slapped her. He had grabbed her by the throat or mouth.

“On one occasion, he threw a glass in her direction, which broke on impact with the wall, resulting in a cut to her arm.

“She states she had to apply pressure to the cut for some hours in order to stop it bleeding.”

The court heard Kirkup started a relationship with Miss Preece in February or March last year.

She said the relationship started out “wonderful” but within months he had dragged her out of bed to the floor by her feet for accidentally knocking him in her sleep.

He then stubbed a cigarette out on her knee “without warning”.

Mr Rowland said: “Miss Preece mirrors what Miss Day feels.

“She feels worthless, she tried to make things right but could never do the right thing, it was never good enough. The defendant made her feel disgusted about herself.”