Sunderland lifeguards help beach-fall woman

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LIFEGUARDS came to the aid of a distressed woman who broke her ankle after a beach fall.

The accident happened at around 2pm on Thursday when the lady tripped on Seaburn beach, in front of the Little Italy Restaurant.

RNLI lifeguards Katharine Ayre and Alison Mell waited with the lady until paramedics arrived. Fellow lifeguards Dominic Purcell and James Corner cleared a path for the ambulance to reach the casualty, after which she was taken to hospital for further treatment.

Katharine Ayre, Senior RNLI lifeguard, said: “As the lady was in considerable pain and had a history of poor circulation, we called an ambulance.

“It was then our priority to keep the casualty stable and calm until the paramedics arrived.

“The injury looked pretty serious and it was important for us to keep a cool head.

“RNLI lifeguards receive comprehensive first aid training as part of the role, and it is this essential training that can really make a difference in situations like this.”