Sunderland knifeman attacked mental health nurse

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A KNIFEMAN jailed for an attack that almost killed his elderly mother stabbed a nurse working at the hospital where he was serving his sentence.

David Trickett, 45, was locked up indefinitely in February last year after he repeatedly bludgeoned and stabbed 74-year-old Shirley Trickett at their Sunderland home.

Just weeks after being given the indeterminate jail term, Trickett plunged a knife into mental health nurse Peter Barkwill.

Mr Barkwill suffered a lacerated liver in the attack, which happened in a kitchen at St Nicholas Hospital in Newcastle last April, and spent time in intensive care.

At Newcastle Crown Court yesterday, Trickett, who admitted wounding Mr Barkwill with intent and was sentenced via videolink to Rampton, was told he will now spend many years in a top-security hospital.

Under the terms of the indefinite hospital order imposed yesterday, Trickett cannot now be released until medical experts and the parole board agree he is safe to be back on the streets.

Judge James Goss QC said: “There are clearly very significant risks attached to him when he is not in conditions of high security such as those at Rampton hospital.”

The court heard that in 2001 Trickett slashed a man’s face and with a broken bottle during a bar row, leaving him needing up to 40 stitches.

In 2009 he attacked his mother, raining six hammer blows to her head and stabbing her in the chest at their home in Viewforth Terrace, Sunderland.

Despite her horrific ordeal, which resulted in bleeding on the brain and a piece of her skull needing to be removed, Mrs Trickett stood by her son and did not want him prosecuted.

Trickett, who had a history of psychiatric problems, was ordered to serve some of the indefinite sentence for the attack on his mum in the Oswin Unit at St Nicholas Hospital.

He launched the attack on Mr Barwill, a clinical team leader at the unit, as they prepared a meal.

Prosecutor James Adkin told the court it was when Mr Barkwill opened a secure drawer to take out a fork that Trickett attacked.

Mr Adkin said: “The defendant grabbed a knife from the drawer and, in an entirely unprovoked attack, lunged at Mr Barkwill.

“Mr Barkwill, fortunately for him, managed to move quickly out of the way, but nevertheless the knife penetrated his stomach.”

Mr Barkwill ended up struggling on the floor with Trickett and got a cut wrist in the process.

The court heard Mr Barkwill made a good physical recovery but the attack has had a “very significant” psychological effect on him.

Bob Spragg, defending, said Trickett was responding well to Rampton’s treatment and regime.

Mr Spragg said: “He was able to express considerable sympathy for the victim in this case and wished to apologise to him, saying he is not that person anymore.”

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