Sunderland knife man threatened police who tried to help him

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A KNIFEMAN threatened to stab police officers who had been called to try and help him.

The emergency services had been contacted with a report Joseph Pollock had injured himself at a house in Sunderland last August.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the drunken 27-year-old warned police not to come near him then grabbed a knife and threatened “I’m going to stab you.”

Pollock dropped the knife after he was threatened with a taser and nobody was hurt.

Judge David Wood sentenced Pollock, who pleaded guilty to affray, to nine months imprisonment, suspended for two years, with supervision.

The judge told him: “You were behaving in a pretty frightening way.

“All the police were doing is their job, the last thing they want when they go to someone’s house is to find someone waving a knife at them who is under the influence of drink.”

The judge said the sentence could be suspended as Pollock has kept out of trouble and found labouring work since.

Sue Hirst, defending, said Pollock, who has a history of mental illness, was under personal pressure at the time and had panicked when eight police officers turned up when he was expecting an ambulance.

The court heard after the incident Pollock, of Hylton Street, Sunderland, had said: “I need to apologise to the officers, they were only doing their job.”