Sunderland householder detained burglar after catching him in the act

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A BRAVE householder detained a burglar he caught walking out of his house.

As the have-a-go hero arrived home, he saw serial raider Terence Dunn coming out of the front door carrying a money box and grabbed hold of him.

Newcastle Crown Court heard Dunn, 52, who has 18 house burglaries on his record, put up a struggle but the householder, with the help of a neighbour, managed to detain him until the police got there.

As a result of their courage Dunn, of Deerness Road, Hendon, Sunderland, was yesterday locked up for two years and five months.

Judge Brian Forster told him: “People are entitled to live their own lives in their own homes without them being attacked or invaded.

“If people invade someone else’s home the courts must make it clear such behaviour cannot be tolerated.”

Prosecutor Jim Hope told the court Mr Angus had got back to his home in Ryhope Road, Sunderland, just after lunchtime on May 9 and realised his flatmate’s Fiat Punto was missing from the drive.

Mr Hope added: “At that stage the defendant was seen to come out of the front door of the address holding a loose change box, normally kept in the living room.”

He said the householder took hold of Dunn, who began to struggle and the cash box was dropped.

“The defendant tried to get away and (the man) punched him once to prevent him running off,” said Mr Hope.

“The police were contacted and with the help of a local resident the defendant was detained until officers arrived.”

As Dunn was arrested and was being taken away he warned Mr Angus he would remember his face.

The court heard the householder’s flatmate’s car was found nearby, containing £3,200 worth of computer, TV equipment and other property taken from the house.

Dunn pleaded guilty to burglary.

Nigel Barnes, defending, said: “He had no reason to know the occupant would return.

“There is no suggestion he did anything other than try to get away.

“He did not use overt violence to the occupant.

“The occupant understandably fully accepts he punched the defendant as a way of restraining him while he sought help from a neighbour to keep him there.”

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