Sunderland heroin addict banned from Boots and Home Bargains after

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A SERIAL shoplifter who targeted Boots has been banned from the store by magistrates.

Wayne Thomas took two hair shavers from Boots worth nearly £350.

When arrested, 37-year-old Thomas asked for four other thefts from the chain to be taken into consideration.

Sunderland Magistrates’ Court heard that a stock check revealed the items - priced at £173 each - were missing.

Prosecutor Glenda Beck told the court that CCTV showed Thomas entering the Sunderland store on August 20, before taking the shavers to an area of Boots not covered by CCTV.

Thomas, of Edwin Street, was identified and arrested. He initially denied the offences, until he was shown footage from the in-store cameras.

Thomas then confessed to a string of similar thefts, including attempting to steal £104 of goods from Boots in Berwick and £119 worth of items from Home Bargain in Blyth.

Defending him, Gerry Armstrong said the heroin addict managed to kick the habit, but had now fallen back in to using drugs.

Magistrates asked for pre-sentence reports to be prepared by the Probation Service, before a hearing on October 3 at 2pm.

Thomas is banned from going into Boots or Home Bargain stores until then.